HBBU Founder Panayiota Asimacos

HBBU Founder Panayiota Asimacos

We welcome Panayiota Asimacos to the podcast! Read her bio below:

Growing up as a Greek American was by far the most rewarding experience. At a young age, I realized that my parents were providing my sister and I with the best of both worlds.  Being raised in Belmont, Massachusetts and attending the Public School System, while simultaneously going to Greek School and Sunday School at the Taxiarchae Church in Watertown, Massachusetts was magical. 

I must admit that I had always sensed a stronger connection with my Greek heritage.  I attribute this to the powerful bond my family had with Greece and our Orthodox Faith.  Although I was baptized at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Boston (where my father served as a board member), I was raised in the Taxiarchae Church under the loving guidance of the beloved Father Metaxas. 

Father Metaxas was unequivocally one of the most prominent figures in my life.  I viewed this great man not only as my spiritual Father, but also as my adopted father, when my own suddenly passed during my sophomore year at Boston College. Father Metaxas supported my family and I during our darkest hours and brought us solace through our Faith.  His empathy and love for my family was like no other.

Upon my graduation from Boston College, the plan was to attend BC Law School.  However, I chose to work at a firm prior to attending law school, in order to confirm my career choice.  Law was of interest to me; however, it brought no joy to me.  It was during this time period that I discovered my true calling was to be an educator. 

My love for children began at the Taxiarchae Church, under the guidance of Father Metaxas.  I served as a Sunday School teacher with a true love for educating young children.  It was a memorable time for my sister and I as we co-taught our Faith to little angels on Earth, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity.

Soon after my epiphany, I attended Boston University.  I was fortunate to graduate with honors, while obtaining a master’s degree in education. Since then, I have been teaching English as a Second Language.  I have had the honor of working with children both in Greece as well as the United States, specifically Peabody High School. 

To date, my bond with Orthodoxy and the Taxiarchae Church is priceless. I am truly blessed to have my son share this connection, as he serves God in the Altar of our church.  I realize that my faith in God and His ways have lightened every path for me thus far in life, and I will surely continue to have blind faith in God.

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