Lou Charbonneau of Xenia Greek Hospitality

Lou Charbonneau of Xenia Greek Hospitality

We would like to welcome beverage director extraordinaire - Lou Charbonneau to the podcast!

As a teenager, Lou encountered an alien intelligence one night in the woods. He cannot recall their exact conversation, but there was one bit about the possible end of the world and how cocktails could save it. Not having a pen on him at the time, the exact details and wording are now a bit hazy, but he is reasonably confident that it had something to do with getting a job as a bartender to save humanity. After that point, he set out to make his way in hospitality. He dove in headfirst, leaving Worcester to work on Nantucket, where he attended the adult summer camp landing his first bartending gig. He eventually made his home in Boston 12 years ago to continue his cosmic errand and… go to school. He has studied in the fields of metalwork and anthropology over the years. He created and ran bar programs in Bangkok, Boston, and his hometown, pronounced ‘Wistah’ in the local dialect. He has gotten many humans to drink cocktails in the last decade while preparing the new generations of aspiring barkeeps on how to make them and be passionate about the craft.

Go visit Lou at Hecate and Xenia Greek Hospitality's other amazing concepts. https://xeniagreekhospitality.com/

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