Greeks, the people, and the Greek community of Boston

Maria Behrakis

Join us for a wonderful chat with the amazing Maria Behrakis. Maria is a first generation Greek American community activist focused on education and Greek-American philanthropy. A mother of three children, Maria, along with her husband, Drake, is active with the National Hellenic Society which is dedicated to perpetuating, celebrating and passing on our Hellenic heritage. She is also a member of Leadership 100, a Greek-American service organization committed to preserving Hellenism and Orthodoxy in America. Maria and Drake are active supporters of the Behrakis Family Endowment at Boston College which was founded in 2001 for the advancement of Hellenic Studies and the promotion of travel abroad to Greece.

Psychiatrist Dr. Christoforos Iraklis Giakoumatos

We talk all things mental health with our esteemed guest Dr. Christoforos Iraklis Giakoumatos in his capacity as private practice practitioner. He is an addiction psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is also the Medical Director at BrightView Massachusetts. Dr Giakoumatos also sees patients in his private practice either virtually or in person in one of his two offices in Boston MA or Hooksett NH.

Evan Turner of Xenia Greek Hospitality

Evan Turner, sommelier and wine director at Krasi Meze and Wine in Boston’s Back Bay, leads the largest all Greek wine list in the country. He is now leading the way in introducing New England to Greek wine.

Demetri, Stefanos, & Brendan of Xenia Greek Hospitality

Join us for a wonderful interview with a talented group of friends and business partners that are truly making waves in Boston. Demetri Tsolakis, Stefanos Oungrinis, and Brendan Pelley of Xenia Greek Hospitality sit with us to discuss how they came to be, where they are today, and what the future holds for this team that has created and is continually creating a fantastic Greek scene in Boston, and hopefully beyond!

Spiro Pappadopoulos

We hang out with restauranteur extraordinaire Spiro Pappadopoulos. Spiro grew up in Andover working in his family's restaurant while attending Andover High School. After attending Boston College, Spiro moved to New York City and dove into the restaurant business for seven years before moving back to Massachusetts.

Peter & Despina Sarianides of Theia Brands

Join us in learning about the incredible journey of Theia Brands founders Peter & Despina Sarianides. Their goal is to set the bar for a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Their products are made with fresh, natural ingredients and they believe that their customers deserve a product that they can enjoy and feel good about serving to their families.

Stephania Tsimikas

We talk all things health and fitness with WBFF Pro competitor Stephania Tsimikas. We learn about her past, her life, her motivations, and how she became a pro athlete in the highly competitive world of strength training. Join us in getting to know Stephania!

Demetri Tsolakis

We had the pleasure of catching up with the amazing Demetri Tsolakis. For those that don't know, his footprint in Boston began with Committee Ouzeri + Bar and has extended to fast-casual Greco, and, most recently, Krasi Meze & Wine. Except for the fact that each concept is rooted in Greek culture, they are all very distinct from one another, with almost zero menu overlap. If that link to Greek culture forms the fabric of the restaurants, it’s Tsolakis’s deft touch as a restaurateur along with his creativity and his passion for all things Greek that are the threads tying them all together.

Eleni Vidalis

We loved chatting with the one and only Eleni Vidalis! Eleni is a Greek-American television host, producer, director, activist, and comedian. She is best known for hosting The Greek Program for 25 years, heading the Federation of Hellenic American Societies of New England, and hosting Boston's Greek Independence Day Parade. We discuss her journey and where she is today, so please join us in spending time with Eleni Vidalis!

Arthur "DJ Thrilla" Markos

We got to catch up with an old friend and a pioneer of the Greek music scene that arose from Boston in the late 90s/early 00s - DJ THRILLA! Thrilla has had an interesting and diverse journey in music and we got to hear all about it on this episode of the Boston Greeks podcast. Join us!

News Anchor, Journalist, & Consultant Mike Nikitas

We had the privilege of chatting with long time news anchor, broadcaster, journalist, and media consultant Mike Nikitas. His history leading up to today has been truly fascinating, and the integrity, self-awareness, and knowledge he brings to the table is greatly appreciated! Join us as we get to know a little more about Mike Nikitas!

The Olive Tree Greek Education & Cultural Center

We had a great talk with Maria Lappas & Fay Katsanou, the founders and administrators of the wonderful Olive Tree Greek Education & Cultural Center. We learned more about the amazing program they are running for youth to learn about their culture, history, and language. Join us as we chat with Maria & Fay!

Singer Konstantinos Nazis

We had the pleasure of chatting with the great up-and-coming Greek singer Konstantinos Nazis live from Greece on the day before he embarks on his American tour! Join us in getting to know this talented young singer with us!

Frankie Stavrianopoulos

We hung out with one of the original kings of Boston nightlife - the one and only Frankie Stavrianopoulos! We discuss how he started out, the journey he took along the way, and what he's up to today. Join us as we chat with Frankie!

DJ Dimitri Soteropoulos

We sat down with the one and only DJ Dimitri Soteropoulos. As one of the most in-demand wedding DJs around, we discussed the ins and outs of what goes into creating a successful wedding event, with tips and recommendations on how to make sure you are asking the right questions and hiring the right people. Although he is a DJ, he has wonderful insight into the entire process and offers great advice. Join us!

Alpha Omega Council President Costa Sideridis

We had the pleasure of chatting with a truly inspiring figure - the Alpha Omega Council President Costa Sideridis. Costa shared with us some great insight into the Alpha Omega Council and why it is such an important tool for our Hellenic community. We are absolute fans of Alpha Omega and this interview will inspire you to learn more about it! Yasou Costa!

Taste & Art of Greece

Join us as we chat with Elaine Setas, founder of Taste and Art of Greece. Elaine runs the USA side of Taste and Art of Greece, also known as TAG. She started this business with her dear friend Stratis Vougioukas who was born and raised and still lives on the island of Lesvos where they met many years ago. With the support of their families they have built this business on love, friendship, and a desire to share all the wonderful things about Greece and Greek culture with the world!

Theodora "Theo" Skeadas for Cambridge City Council

We had a great chat with a truly amazing woman - Theo Skeadas. Theo is running for Cambridge City Council and we couldn't be happier to support her in everything she does. She has the mind, motivation, and outlook that Cambridge needs for true change. Visit her site below to learn even more about her:

Boston Greek DJs Unite Part 2

We sit down for round 2 (or as we like to call it, "Greek DJs Unite 2 Electric Boogaloo!") of our Boston Greek DJ series and get a little more in depth with the history and stories that make up our panel of DJs - Peter Souhleris, Chris Paragios, John Speridakos, Arthur Markos, Dimitri Soteropoulos, and George Kotzamanis. It was an absolute pleasure to catch up with these guys and we think you will enjoy it as much as we did! Sit back, get your favorite mix queued up, and join us on episode 2 of our Greek DJ series on the Boston Greeks Podcast!